Composants pour profilé aluminium industriel


Floor Elements

FATH leveling feet are available in more than 20,000 variants, combine them easily yourself! You will also find everything needed for positioning items on the floor: Swivel castors - with or without lifting foot, floor brackets and threaded bushes.


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Hinges are manufactured by FATH from plastic, zinc die-cast or aluminum. With the Combi Hinges, you have a choice of 8 different dimensions for both wings; simply combine to meet your application.


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T-Nuts and T-Bolts

At FATH you will find matching T-slot nuts, hammer nuts and hammer screws in steel and stainless steel for every standard slotted aluminum profile. Also available are other innovated components for fastening into the profile slot.


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Connecting Systems

Flexible and stable connections for all aluminum system profiles are offered in a wide range by FATH. Select the angles, joints and connectors made of steel and aluminum that are optimal for your application.


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Handles and Latches

It depends on your preferences whether you choose one of the standard handles or a FATH system or comfort handle. We also offer a wide range of slam latches, magnetic latches and ball catches to meet your latching needs.


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Components for Work Stations

FATH has everything you need to build workplaces and assembly stations. Here you will find the necessary equipment for providing material and tools, monitor holders, swivel arms and many other useful components.


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Sliders and Rollers

FATH offers not only profile rollers in many different dimensions, but also a wide range of sliders made of plastic and metal, also with locking. Whatever you need to guide movable, you will find here.


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For roller tracks, e.g. for material supply, FATH offers different systems and components: Roller tracks made of steel and aluminum, including an extensive range of accessories, are also available, as well as roller elements designed for tool-free assembly.


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Enclosures, Guards, Partitions

Whatever you need to create an enclosure or a safety fence - FATH has it. A wide range of holders for woven wire mesh and panel elements is complemented by clamping plates and frame suspensions.


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Panel Fasteners

Do you know the Uniblock, the Vario Block or the Fixation Block? These FATH components and many others help you to fasten panel elements to structures. Including reduction profiles that can be plugged into all common profile slots.


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Cover Elements

The open slots of aluminum profiles can be covered with FATH cover elements, which are pleasing to the eye and reduces dust accumulation. They are available in plug-in and screw-in versions, just as you need them.


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Cable Management

Attaching cables and hoses to profile structures is easy with components from FATH. Various types of cable fixation blocks are available, either to be clamped by a 90° turn or to be screwed on.


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Miscellaneous Components

Here we have collected all FATH components which do not fit into one of the other chapters. This includes grounding connectors, anti-loss washers (for captive screws), strip brushes and other useful things.


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Tubular Frame Components

Aluminum tubular frame profiles D28 or D30 have become an integral part of modern lean factories. FATH has everything you need: connectors, cover caps, brackets and other accessories that make it easy to build stable and functional structures.


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