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Visual Management

Container Labeling

Container Labeling

FATH offers Visual Pockets, Label Holders and Envelopes in all common formats and colors for the fast and flexible marking of containers. The innovative, self-adhesive multi-use feature is just one way of fastening labels to containers.


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Shelf Labeling

Sustainable labeling of your shelves is now possible in the usual height and width dimensions thanks to a PVC-free material. For self-adhesive fastening, FATH offers a reusable multi-use adhesive surface.


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Floor Marking

Whether you are marking areas or lanes, the self-adhesive Floor Marking Tapes from FATH are forklift-resistant and suitable for all industrial floors. This also applies to FATH Floor Windows, which are available in different shapes and signs in all common colors.

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Material Flow


Materials Transport

FATH Dollies reduce the space required for internal transport of KLT and Euro containers. The forklift-free transport of your material without pallets creates an efficient supply with targeted provisions.

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Material Provision

With the Parking and Guiding Rails from FATH you can position carriages and dollies with high precision or you can build complete FIFO stations. The new rail geometry allows a modular design, the insertion caps are extra wide and robust.

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Conveyor Technology

Conveyor Technology

Roller Tracks

Stay on track with FATH. We offer here various transport inserts and accessories for roller tracks made of both aluminum and steel, which fit modularly to each other and are freely selectable and combinable in four different roller colors. Each element is also available in an ESD version. Choose from roller, ball caster, brush and sliding inserts.


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Sortation Technology

Sortation Technology

Flowsort® Diverters

The Flowsort product portfolio offers standardized sorting modules. With only three different modules - Single Line Diverter, Double Line Diverter and ZigZag Diverter - many different use cases can be supported - with a single basic system. All Flowsort sortation modules harmonize with all other intralogistics systems and technologies. They are easy to install, both in terms of hardware and software connection.


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Enclosures, Guards and Partitions

Enclosures, Guards and Partitions

Safety Fence Holders & Wire Mesh Holders

Barriers such as safety fences are relevant to security and must therefore meet the requirements of the practice. But also the installation of fences and their labeling must be comfortable as well as fast. Our matching components guarantee this. Of course, you will also find products that comply with the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.


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